About Us

A new kind of merchant acquirer that goes beyond simply processing transactions.

ST Group

Secure Trading Group, part of UC Group, was formed in 1999, and comprises of three companies whose intelligent and specialised approach to online payments is transforming the way that customers pay. Each offers different solutions for different markets, yet collaborate with one another in diverse and intuitive ways. The defining traits that unite the three companies are their vast international offering, specialist expertise and strong relationships with partners and clients.

Secure Trading Limited

Secure Trading Limited’s payment gateway solutions are designed to help businesses accelerate their online offering. With over 20 years’ experience, STL’s team of experts are perfectly positioned to help merchants to power their online commerce, enlarging customer base and increasing customer loyalty. Our omnichannel payments allow customers to pay precisely the way they want, wherever they are in the world. STL works closely with partners offering online platforms in a variety of sectors, connecting partners’ clients with Secure Trading’s custom-built payment services. What sets STL apart from other payment gateway providers is the high standards of UK-based account management and support maintained; each client and partner has a named AM whose advice and guidance are invaluable and help to drive growth.


ST1’s payment gateway services are highly-specialised in powering payments for online gaming merchants. Based in the USA, where online gambling, betting and gaming are growing exponentially, ST1 provides best-in-class solutions which are focused on two key challenges in the industry: keeping players online; and keeping them spending money. This is achieved by providing players with quick, seamless payments, meaning that their games are uninterrupted by static payments.


Acquiring.com is an acquiring bank whose focus is delivering an unbeatable service for payment service providers. Founded in 2014 as Secure Trading Financial Services, acquiring.com was created as an acquiring partner to STL’s gateway to offer a one-point-of-contact solution, but its versatility means that it works seamlessly partnering with any PSP. The business relationship between partner and acquirer is nurtured by our dedicated account team, allowing us to understand each PSP’s business goals, and form a strategy of how to achieve these. Accepting over 100 different currencies, acquiring.com are experts in turning merchants from local to global.

Our Team

Secure Trading Group, part of UC Group, was formed in 1999, and comprises of three companies whose intelligent and specialised approach to online payments is transforming the way that customers pay.

Kobus Paulsen

Payments and cyber-security entrepreneur and businessman Kobus Paulsen has been a digital revolutionary for many years. His passion for online payments and expertise of the industry have been the driving force behind the growth of Secure Trading Group, part of the wider UC Group.

Gerald Kitchen

Gerald is Strategic Advisor for UC Capital, part of the UC Group of companies. A hugely experienced card and payment professional, Gerald has worked across Australia, South Africa, Europe and the UK, serving at CIO, COO, CEO and Managing Director level in the credit card issuing and acquiring industry.

Daniel Holden

Daniel brings a wealth of expertise across FinTech, eCommerce, accountancy and law to the role of CEO of Secure Trading. Joining in 2011 as Chief Financial Officer of the company, Daniel has also served as CFO for ST’s sister cyber-security company Cognosec.

Jonathan O'Connor

Jonathan joined Secure Trading as Chief Commercial Officer with a clear mandate to accelerate revenue realisation from both the STL gateway and Acquiring.com business lines, by driving sales within the company. He is passionate about a client-first mentality, which runs in parallel with reduced time to revenue as the firm’s new commercial operating model.

Kevin Dodson

Kevin joined Secure Trading Group in 2014 as Executive Vice President heading up the US gaming strategy and developing ST-1’s US presence.

Jeannie Stinnett

Jeannie is a proven financial services executive with over 17 years of experience, with a focus over the last five years on the gaming vertical. She has joined Secure Trading as the Senior Vice President Commercial Programmes.